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Public Art Opportunities

Utah Public Art Program Opportunities

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Salt Lake City recently completed construction of a roundabout in the 9th South & 9th East area of the corridor, at the intersection of Harvey Milk Boulevard (900 South), 1100 East, and Gilmer Drive. Later this year, the Salt Lake City Public Art Program will welcome Out of the Blue, a sculptural artwork by acclaimed Utah artist Stephen Kesler which was as recommended by Salt Lake City’s Art Design Board for commission and approved by Mayor Erin Mendenhall. This sculpture of a humpback whale breeching in the roundabout will have a primed fiberglass surface, which provides a surface for a temporary mural installation to reflect and complement the sculptural artwork and the 9th & 9th neighborhood. By incorporating temporary murals onto a long-lasting sculpture in the roundabout, we hope the artwork will continually respond to the community that lives in and frequents the 9th and 9th neighborhood. The sculptural component of this project is already commissioned; this particular Call for Artists is exclusively commissioning the temporary mural. 
Budget: $7,500 - Deadline: June 18, 2021

Please note, projects marked with ⊗  indicates the artist(s) may be requested to supply uncompensated services to apply.

National & International Public Art Opportunities

The Chicago Public Art Program, a division of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (“DCASE” or "Department") in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Development (“DPD”) and the Department of Transportation (“CDOT”) invite submissions to this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) to be included in a pre-qualified list (“List”) for the development of future lighting-based public art projects in the City of Chicago. The intent of this RFQ is to identify qualified Artists/ Artist Teams that have demonstrated experience and expertise in facilitating community engagement, design, permitting, fabrication and installation of significant public art lighting, and lighting of infrastructure projects. The List will be utilized to facilitate a range of public art lighting projects that will enliven city infrastructure including bridges, roadways, streetscapes and viaducts with creative and impactful lighting installations. The lighting projects are expected to enhance the connection of business and/or cultural corridors to their adjacent residential communities and reflect their vibrant character while inspiring bright ideas for future growth and prosperity. DCASE, in collaboration with DPD and CDOT, will manage the selection of the Artists/ Artist Teams of this RFQ. The prequalified list will be used as means to expedite and ensure the quality selection of Artists/ Artist Teams for the development of future lighting based public art projects in the city of Chicago. 
Budget: $500,000 - $5m | Deadline: June 18, 2021

Sculpture for Roundabout in South Cape - Cape Coral is a city located in Lee County, Florida, on the Caloosahatchee River near where it flows into the Gulf of Mexico.  South Cape can best be described as diversified and eclectic, punctuated by its original modern elements. The goal of the Community Redevelopment Agency is to facilitate the emergence of a vibrant urban village where people of all ages will live, work, shop and be entertained. Many of the dining and entertainment establishments of the South Cape emulate a quirky and relaxed atmosphere. The Community Redevelopment agency seeks to commission an artist/artist team to create site-specific artwork to be placed in the roundabout, shaded by palm trees, that will serve as a landmark, as a marker in the cultural history of the City. The ideal artwork will create visual interest for the recently enhanced streetscape and pedestrian pathways and further Cape Coral’s identity and sense of place. The CRA is looking for a sculpture with contemporary design elements that will withstand our sub-tropical winds, intense sunshine and rainfall. 
Budget: $45,000 - Deadline: June 30, 2021

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of more than 8800 Marylanders, including more than 1500 Baltimore County residents, since Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski declared a local state of emergency on March 13, 2020. To honor the lives lost and all those affected by COVID-19, Baltimore County Arts Guild (BCAG) and Baltimore County, Maryland are partnering to seek a highly creative and dynamic public art concept representing hope, unity, and healing. The free-standing public art will be installed at Lake Roland Park, near walking and biking paths, and among acres of open space. The goal of this initiative is a finished public art project that will exist as a commemorative piece to honor the memory of those affected by this global pandemic, provide a place for remembrance and reconciliation, and create a meditative space. 
Budget: $100,000 - Deadline: July 1, 2021

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is an independent special district that provides sustainable,  accessible, community-focused transportation options that are innovative, environmentally responsible, and promote the vitality of Santa Clara County. San José Public Art has been engaged by VTA, to contract with artists/artist-led teams for the design, fabrication, delivery, and installation oversight of two (2) signature opportunities associated with a 2.4-mile light rail extension in East San José. This opportunity is open to individual artists or artist-led teams working and living in the United States. To be eligible, artists must demonstrate experience developing and implementing projects in public space with a budget of $200,000 or greater. 
Deadline: July 2, 2021

This “Call to Artists” is seeking Artists wishing to be considered by the Committee for a commissioned unique and site-specific public art mural. This will also be a long-term attraction to entice residents, visitors and celebrate the City's history and heritage. The Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund Projects Committee will direct all activities in the selection process. 
Budget: $55,000 - Deadline: July 9, 2021

Palisade Art Vision was formed in 2015 by a group of local citizens and artists to promote and embrace, “Art as a part of everyday life.” Artists loan their work free of charge for one year. In return, the sculptors are provided an installation stipend, recognition and promotion. Pieces are available for purchase or offered as a legacy program to honor a loved one. Our first installation in 2016 featured renowned regional sculptors, Dave Davis, Gary Hauschulz, Lyle Nichols and Steve Kentz. “Spring Heron,” by Steve Kentz, was purchased as a memorial gift in 2016. The piece is now a part of our permanent collection. Palisade Art Vision envisioned an outdoor sculputure program to promote a visible aesthetic voice to the Town of Palisade. 
Deadline: July 12, 2021

The Pitt County Arts Council, in collaboration with the Civic Arts Committee, invites visual and graphic artists located nationwide to create an original design for the Five Points Archway Public Art Project. The design should have an emphasis on community, innovation, and/or culture. The Pitt County Arts Council seeks to commission works of art that advance public understanding of visual art and enhance the quality of public places by selecting a qualified artist who can innovatively and thoughtfully design within the context of this project. The public art in Greenville, NC should reflect our city’s diverse demographics and should welcome travelers of all backgrounds to experience art in an inclusive environment. Artists will create an original design that will be reproduced on large vinyl banners measuring 120 x 204 inches and installed in five archways on the side of Starlight Café located at 104 W. 5th Street in Greenville, NC. The archways face Five Points Plaza, a parking area that is converted to an events location for popular events such as Freeboot Fridays, Umbrella Market, and PirateFest. One artist will be chosen and will receive a $2,000 honorarium and the opportunity to have their artwork reproduced on the five banners. 
Deadline: August 28, 2021

LUBICA - Lucca Biennale Cartasia is the biggest worldwide art event dedicated to Paper as an artistic and architectural means. LuBiCa takes place every two years in Lucca, Tuscany. Founded in 2004, the event is committed to promoting tradition, culture, sustainability and innovation in art and design, and next year marks XI edition. This Call for Entries invites artists from around the world to express their vision by using paper and its by-products. The goal of LuBiCa is to promote dialogue amongst the artists who choose to push their limits by breaking away from their patterns and moulds and to help create new points of view. Entry fee.
 Deadline: October 31, 2021

Please note, projects marked with ⊗  indicates the artist(s) may be requested to supply uncompensated services to apply.


Jim Glenn
Visual & Public Art Manager